If you are changing home and renovating for the next season, or simply planning a change of look, a little inspiration always is needed ...

Minimalism is the keyword of this 2019 and most likely of the following years. The minimal style for many interior designers is the style par excellence that can accompany as many different styles as the Industrial, Scandinavian and Modern.

The minimal style for this 2019, both in terms of decorations, and in terms of furnishing accessories, allows us to have a comfortable and functional home with practical and versatile furniture; in fact, many companies that deal with interior design have perceived this need and consequently new products have been designed that are perfectly in line with the needs of our consumers.

2019 with this very particular "space-saving" trend has certainly led to the rediscovery of the most used spaces and especially of the living - c.d. "Living area" - which is interpreted as best believed and winds from the kitchen to the living room, both in "open" mode, and with more defined corners, but still communicating and with a certain continuity. The important thing is to have a sufficiently large angle to dedicate to hospitality.

As we said in the first lines this minimal style led to a perfectly balanced fusion of the industrial style (characterized by cement and concrete elements) to the rustic of wood, in a Nordic key or in a more classic version - thus calling itself "Rustrial".
Finally, with regards to colors, a great farewell to pastel colors and a warm welcome back to neutral colors. Thanks to the use of these neutral palettes you have the freedom to do all the kings - looks you want ...

So, are you ready to relook your home?





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