Public contributions received

Contribution to Historical Centers Art. 59 Dl. 104/2020, Lender: Revenue Agency, amount: € 3,171.00 paid on 11/18/2020 - Relaunch Decree Art.25 dl. 34/2020, Providing body: Agenzia delle Entrate, amount: € 5,619.00 paid on 14/07/2020 - Tax credit on incremental advertising investments in newspapers, periodicals and on local television and radio broadcasters. EU Reg. 1407/2013 general de minimis - COR 6580062 - DECREE-LAW 8 April 2020, n. 23 Urgent measures regarding access to credit and tax obligations for companies, special powers in strategic sectors, as well as interventions in the field of health and work, extension of administrative and procedural deadlines. (20G00043) (GU General Series n.94 of 08-04-2020). COVID-19: SME Guarantee Fund State Aid SA. 56966 (2020 / N) - Direct guarantee granted on 31/10/2020. - COR 2981757


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