Have you ever thought "I'd like to live under a garden like a hobbit" or "who knows what it is like to live in a house in the rock like that of Luke Skywalker"?
Do you believe us if we told you that today it is possible? ... No?! Instead Yes! Thanks to the prefabricated underground houses.

Like all prefabricated houses, these too are built in the factory, component by component, and then assembled on site. Nice is not it? Even more interesting are the delivery times that are significantly reduced to a maximum time of 30 - 45 days even if the modules are built-in max 10 days. Moreover, they are quite cheap compared to traditional houses and they also save a lot from the point of view of energy efficiency. This wonderful project takes shape especially in the United States with "Green Magic Homes".

How are they built?
These houses are built by assembling prefabricated modules that come together, easily, to create a house of the size requested by the owner, since one of the advantages is the possibility of being able to customize them 100%. Once the modules have been installed on-site, they are covered with a thin layer of earth, often enough to allow the planting of grass, moss or any other type of vegetation.
For the production of the blocks, a type of light polymer is used that can withstand very high pressure; this configuration makes the houses very resistant to water and other weather conditions. Each of the panels inserted in this layer is prepared to allow the installation of pipes and electric cables. In addition to the insulation offered by the "green" roofs, the structure has an intermediate layer that helps to reach a cooler temperature in the summer and warmer in the cold months.
Thanks to its innovative design and ease of installation, this type of "blanket" can be used anywhere in the world, regardless of weather conditions. From desert areas to snowy places, any place is good for betting on this type of prefabricated house. The only thing that should change, depending on the area, is the cover (stone, grass, etc.).

Then? Would you go live in these new houses?





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